Tuesday, February 23, 2021

March 6, 2021 - Session 2: 10:30am - "The Wealth of Secrets you hold in your Hands! What will Palmistry Reveal about YOUR Fate and Destiny?" with Jennie Mison, Owner of Tributary, LLC

 The Wealth of Secrets you hold in your Hands! What will Palmistry Reveal about YOUR Fate and Destiny?


In this one-of-a-kind, virtual classroom we will be able to learn the art of palmistry and share the lessons with each other as a group easily and in a fun, relaxing way! Learn instant palmistry secrets like how big your sensual or intellectual appetite is, the tales the fingers tell, what your fingernails reveal about you, identifying the major lines in a hand (heart, head, life, etc.), what to watch out for and more! This is a fun, fast moving, playful class that requires participation and sharing. 


As a registered member of the class, please provide a clear photograph of your hands to my email: primalgirlwellness@gmail.com so that it can be used to share with the group as a teaching tool. Follow these instructions exactly or your palm image will not be used. 


1) Be sure to label your palm image (jpg, gif, png) AS THE NAME YOU REGISTERED IN CLASS WITH. Only palm images from registered participants in the class will be eligible for use during the lecture. Your name on the file will be used as a cross reference to confirm your registration for the class.


2) Send the email with "MBS PALMISTRY 2021" in the subject line.  Depending on time constraints, only specific images will be used to illustrate a teaching point. I cannot guarantee that everyone's palm image will be used.




Ms. Jennie is a YouTube astrologer and resident psychic living in the Delaware Valley. She can be found on YouTube on her channel and offers remote readings by email/phone or video recording. She only provides in person services for events and presentations to groups. She has been in practice since the late 1980's and is currently working on a series of small, easy reading, workbooks for astrology and tarot to help people learn the mystical arts in more down to earth ways. If you would like a private reading, please contact her separately from the workshop for information and fees.

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